1000 servers?!?!

The screen shot below shows a picture by Jimmy Wales uploaded to Flickr (here) with the caption “Hmmm, what could nearly 1000 servers be for?”. Also on the Search Wikia mailing list when asked “Any updates on the Wikia search project…?” Jimmy replied “On track, we are hard at work right now…” with a link to the image shown. Many people have speculated that this is for a crawl and/or Hadoop cluster and this was confirmed by Jimmy Wales on IRC when I asked if the servers were for a web crawl he replied “they are for the wikia search web crawl, yes”.

(Click to enlarge)

Loading the truck


3 Responses to “1000 servers?!?!”

  1. Wikia’s Got A Truck Full of Servers — 1,000 To Be Exact!  »TechAddress Says:

    […] with, "On track, we are hard at work right now…" and displayed the image below. The Unofficial Search Wikia blog was able to pin down Wales’ on IRC and got the following […]

  2. First crawl! « Search Wikia’s Un-official blog Says:

    […] Search Wikia’s Un-official blog The unnoficial blog of Search Wikia « 1000 servers?!?! […]

  3. Coen Jacobs » Grote strijd tussen wiki’s en tussen zoekmachines staat op het punt om uit te barsten Says:

    […] helemaal goed komen denk ik. Er is inmiddels al een leuke foto verschenen op een weblog, waarbij 1000 servers uitgeladen worden. De foto is geplaatst op de Flickr account van Jimmy Whales, het lijkt me duidelijk waar die […]

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