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Search Wikia launches, screenshots

January 7, 2008

Screenshots of the the project are below. These will be followed later by descriptions and explanation and hopefully and interview with Jimmy.



Pre-alpha and launch date

December 24, 2007

So the private pre-alpha stage is now working, believe me!! This is for testing and the breaking of the system before the large scale opening of the system on January 7th according to messages from Jimmy.  I do want to write more but i cant (sorry) due to the terms of the invite and beta.

More soon 🙂

Search Wikia *will* launch before 2008!!

December 23, 2007

Jimmy was again cornered today in IRC and when asked about the Search Wikia project and a possbile launch date he responded with the following:

[15:14] <jwales> the search engine *will* launch before the end of the year, probably in private beta first, and then open to the public in early january. No specific dates are certain yet. But sooon.

well there we go then, maybe we will see a launch date in December, as previously mentioned , just not the whole thing.