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“Socialpedia” screenshots revealed

November 18, 2007

Jimmy Wales

So Jimmy was in South Africa again this week talking to the local community and “geeks” about wiki stuff and he also released some screenshots of what is being described as “only part of the story”. Jeremie Miller also said “it is just a part of the overall
effort, there isn’t any one magical thing, just a lot of pieces moving in the same direction :)”

The screenshot below were taken by Nic Haralambous in South Africa and show social profile that has been claimed by many to look similar to that of a Facebook profile, however Jimmy told Wired’s Terrence Russell “That [the design] will probably change before launch”.

Click image to enlarge

Socialpedia Screenshot

He also told me that “There’s a ton of work to be done in the next month, but I’m really excited about how it’s all coming together, all the various moving parts and novel combinations, sure should be interesting!”.

So thats the latest on where the overall Search Project is going and hopefully we will here some more in the next few months…

Jimmy Wales picture by Imamon.