About the status of this blog

August 29, 2007

After posting links to this blog yesterday it’s been in the press saying that “Wikia has launced a blog” and similar.  I would like to remind everyone, press and volunteers, that this is in NO WAY OFFICIAL.  The stuff on here is posted by me, Mark and anyone else who wants to.  Currently Jeremie Miller has an account and the ability to post and he currently is the only member of Wikia staff on the blog.

All info posted here is stuff for everyone to know and it may or maynot be posted before going on the mailing list, it all depends on if i can get an exclusive.  In the future there are weak plans to move this and make it official but this is NOT HAPPENING YET.

Well ill leave you to read all the other post but i wanted to get this known.




Grub Developments

August 28, 2007

Well it was announced on the mailing list today that there is now a bug tracker available for Grub at http://dev.grub.org (runs Trac) and also a svn repository at http://dev.grub.org/svn.

It was also announced that theres a new mailing list for Grub development which can be found here.

Jer also announced to every one that hes off for the week so new developments may be slow. However if you want to blog on here you can contact me for access. Ways to do so are here.

Grub Stats

August 22, 2007

Windows Screensaver Mode
Well Grub’s now got over 2,500 users with over 300 active this month.  Everyone helping to index the web and fill up the servers drives.  Releases of the data are expected in the near future for analysis by the many users and developers interested in the project.

To download Grub and help with the project follow this link and download the correct version for your operating system (Either Linux or Window). 

More soon.


Grub update

August 18, 2007

Many people are now using the Grub crawler and results are being fed back to the main server database to be stored. Stats on the amount of crawling can be seen here.  However some users are saying in forum posts (here) that the server is no longer distributing work units.   Are you experiencing the same?  Leave a message in the forum.

On the same note I am hoping that bug tracking will be up soon.

More soon.  Mark

Current Crawlers

August 16, 2007

Well currently Grub is working away on many peoples computers and is filling up the servers quickly with data. According to Jeremie on the mailing list, we will soon get our first download of results becoming available. Not sure how soon though. However apparently Grub isnt the only crawler being used. According to this edit Heritrix is currently being tested. Heritrix is the open source crawler currently being used by Archive.org for their Wayback machine.

More coming soon.


(ps – want access to post on the blog?? Email me: newsmarkie+WP@gmail.com )

First post

August 16, 2007

Right well this is the UN-OFFICIAL Search Wikia Blog.  It’s currently run by Markie (not Wikia Staff)  and is for the posting of things going on with search.  Things such as development announcement, press relases and general goings on will be posted here.

If you want to help run and post to this blog then contact me and i’ll add you.

 You can contact me in the following ways.

email : newsmarkie+WP@gmail.com

 Wiki : http://search.wikia.com/wiki/User_talk:Markie

IRC : Username : Markie996 on freenode #searchwikia

Jabber : Markie996@jabber.org.

Think thats it for the welcome and will post some more later.